Technical Area

We’re proud of the great sounding audio we generate from our 3 studios.

However it’s not all down to the human touch.

So we would like to thank the following technological apparatus for helping us to achieve the success we’ve gained over the years;

  • Neumann U87 Microphones
  • Octo-core Apple Power Macs 
  • Pro Tools HD Systems
  • Genelec Studio Monitors
  • Beyer Headphones
  • CDQ Prima ISDN Machines
  • Source Connect "Now"


ISDN x 2

Not one.. to keep up with our busy schedule, we need two separate ISDN lines here at Sound Logic.

Our ISDN codecs include MPEG, Zephyr and G722. This makes us compatible with all good studios studio around the Globe.

So whether the voice talent is in Birmingham Alabama, Birmingham New Zealand, Birmingham Saskatchewan or down the road in good old Brum, the voice you require will be at your service instantly...

...although if they are abroad we may have to wake them up!