Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

We’re easier to deal with than anyone we know.

Depending on your station’s sales policy, you can send us a written brief, relay the information over the phone or simply fill out our online brief form.

Twenty-four hours later, you’ll have the scripts in addition to suggested music and voice samples.

Either clear the scripts yourselves or we’ll clear them with your client for you.

Once that’s done, get them signed off and we’ll go to production.
Within a further 24 hours the commercials will be ready to play to your client.

When cleared, we’ll send everything over to your traffic department.

Sounds simple?

It is.

No fuss, no bother, just a swift, efficient, friendly, creative service.

It’s the fun part of your sales process!

Remember, commercial production doesn’t need to be complicated and we make sure it isn’t.

We do this, on average, fifty times a week.

It’s probably why so many radio stations and groups use us.

We’re stress-free!