Agency Productions & ISDN Studio Hire

Agency ISDN Studio Hire

Unless you’re expecting champagne in ice buckets and waitress service, the quality and service you’ll receive here at Sound Logic will be the equivalent or better than virtually any other production facility in the land.

We include London in this rather sweeping statement.

Utilising a great team of talented individuals boasting far more years of experience than we care to mention or remember, together with a long list of contacts and investment in the latest technology, there are only 3 differences between us and the capital.

1.    A quieter location
2.    Free, easy parking
3.    Somewhat lower prices.

And be assured, you don’t have to worry about any facet of the production process.

We’ll source your voices and music and the availability of the talent, provide a great producer, sort out all the legal stuff and distribute to the right places at the right time.

Want to watch how it’s all done?.

You and your clients are more than welcome to come along to the recording.

Simply leave your vehicle in our car park, relax in our luxuriously re-fitted studios, and we’ll provide your very own ‘waiter’ to ply you with a range of spectacular refreshments and amusing anecdotes throughout your visit.


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