Sound Logic Launch New Website

So here it is...our brand new website. Apologies for subjecting you to a holding page for what seems like an eternity! It really was entirely our fault.

Just in case you’re interested, this is what happened….
We wrote the text and decided to design everything in-house
Looked at the results…
Realised it was a bad idea
Called in a professional web designer
Listened to ideas…
Called in another one ..
Listened to more ideas..
Decided, once again to do it ourselves because we knew better
Swiftly found out…
We didn’t know better at all.
Got frustrated
Decided not to have a website until everyone start wondering why!
Everyone started wondering why
Decided to have another go in-house…
Got frustrated again!.
Called another web designer
Found out we’d been blacklisted locally as a ‘difficult client’.
Stamped our feet!.
Got a call from a web company oblivious to our ‘history’…
Politely refused… citing frustration
Got another call from the same people..
‘You really should have a website you know’
Invited them in …
Briefed them
Got designs quicker than expected
Very impressed..
Gave them the go ahead
Pressed the button
Finally went live.

Actually it was far more complicated than that but hopefully you get the idea.

So allow us to offer heart-felt thanks to Stuart at Razor Smile Web Design and Photography for both his expertise and patience.

Not many designers would make themselves available for minor amendments at 2am on a Sunday morning just before Christmas!

We hope you think it’s all been worth it.


If you don’t, please refrain from telling us.

We don't want to go through all that again!