Custom On Hold Messaging Service

From Telegrams to Smartphones

As we emerge back into reality after the festive period, only a few telltale signs of the fortnight’s festivities remain: a slightly larger waistline, a list of New Year’s resolutions drafted up on the back of a pack of cigarettes, and perhaps, the latest new gadget that Santa gracious delivered.

Sales of smartphones in 2013, were nearly 50% greater than in 2012, with Samsung, Apple and Lenovo leading the way in worldwide figures ( It has also been estimated that we now spend a staggering 23 days a year on our phones ( Even ninety-two years after the passing of Alexander Graham Bell, we continue to be addicted to this ever-evolving phone-omena!

With figures like these, it's no wonder that more people are transforming their phone systems into powerful marketing tools by creating customised on hold phone messages for their business or organisation.

On Hold Message Production Birmingham

First impressions count, and it’s important if you have a potential new customer on the line, that they don’t get fed up and hang up.

Instead, this time could be used to inform and even entertain the caller with the correct information.

The production process is extremely easy. We take your brief and write your on-hold script, and together choose the perfect voice and background music. The produced files can be provided in whatever format your phone software requires, and the whole process can be completed within 5 working days.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch, or if you would like to hear some examples of our latest on hold productions, click here.

And finally…thank you for calling…